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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Volunteer Teaching programs

This is the preferred volunteer program. Volunteers works in private, public schools, orphanages and community schools. The volunteer work involves working with kids who are 7 to 18 years. The volunteer are going to be involved in teaching a number of the themes like English, Math, Science, Music and physical education. The volunteers will partner with local teachers and other volunteers to provide proper education to the children. The primary duties involve Work being a teaching assistant: teaching classes, grading books, work being a social worker with the Administrators, help in sports activities and playing with the kids. For this program, you will need to love kids, loving teaching and to twiddling my thumbs using the kids. Sometimes some training for this program is needed but it isn't mandatory. Those who have done TEFL (teach English as a foreign language) classes have an advantage. Schools are not open throughout the year; you should time your volunteer work so that you can coincide with the varsity calendar.

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